17 Best Work from Home Jobs

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Table of Contents

Work from home jobs have become a trend; in fact, many companies now offer their employees the flexibility to work remotely. Why?

Employees that have the flexibility to work remotely have reported an increased level of happiness, satisfaction, and work-life balance, which translates into better productivity.

In 2012 I was working as an Accounting Manager at a large company in the Hollywood film industry; the company decided to move the entire finance department to Burbank, CA and I was offered to either move to Burbank or work from home until the Burbank team could take over. I went for the work from home option.

That assignment lasted longer than originally estimated and I ended up working from home for two years.

During that time I became a parent and got hooked to the working from home arrangement.

Commuting was no longer an option, so I spent days and nights searching for the best-paying work-from-home jobs and discovered a whole new way of making money.

work from home

Work from Home Jobs for part-time, full-time, work from home jobs online, for new Moms, Dads, students and more.

From selling products online to online coaching, data entry, and remote customer support jobs, the gig economy is here to stay. It’s now the time for you to rip the rewards of what working from home has to offer.

Here are the 17 best work from home jobs in 2019.

1. Graphic Designer

What is a graphic designer?

Graphic design is a way to communicate visually what you have to say. This is a job that will continue to grow in demand as companies focus more on advertising, products and web design.

Perfect for: Creative people who like to design graphics and are comfortable working alone as well as in teams.

How much does a graphic designer make?

The average freelance graphic designer makes around $30 per hour, a very comfortable wage.

Where to find graphic designer freelance work?

Graphic designers are in high demand. You can start your own freelance graphic design business or you can get gigs all while working online from the comfort of your home.

These are some of the best places to find graphic design gigs.

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. 99 Designs
  4. DesignCrowd
  5. Dribbble
  6. Krop
  7. Folyo
  8. Toptal.com

2. Social Media Administrator

What does a Social Media Administrator do?

Social media administration has become a complex multi-faceted role that takes center stage in the marketing efforts companies make. A social media administrator updates social media profiles and answers questions from the public.

He or she may also write and curate content designed to engage users while promoting the company’s image or brand.

Perfect for: People with the ability to express themselves well in writing while generating trust, and engagement with readers. Advanced skills are not a must, but a social media administrator should be knowledgeable in graphic design, communication, SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing.

How much does it pay?

According to Payscale.com, a social media administrator makes about $45,000 on average, but once you gain experience that that can double.

That means you’ll have a high paying job in a growing industry while working online from the comfort of your home.

Where to get it?

To start, you can find many opportunities for Social Media work on Upwork and Fiverr.

3. Virtual Assistant

What do Virtual Assistants do?

Virtual assistants (VAs) and even virtual executive assistants offer all the services that traditional assistants do, except they work online from home. Virtual assistants set up appointments, answer emails, manage calendars, and perform administrative tasks.

Perfect for: People with great time management skills who are good communicating information either by email or by phone.

How much does it make?

VAnetworking.com is a free resource for virtual assistants. According to the website, a VA can expect to earn anywhere from $25 to $60 an hour depending on experience and qualifications.

Where to find it?

You can find this work from home job using common staffing agencies and job sites like Indeed, Glassdoor or Liveops which is like a staffing agency for call centers.

4. Virtual Travel Agent

Virtual Travel Agent

What do Virtual Travel Agents do?

Some remote travel agents specialize in booking specific types of trips, like Disney vacations or cruises. Many people who start in this industry work for an agency first, which provides steady work in exchange for a portion of the client fees.

Perfect for: People who are great at finding deals on flights, hotels and vacation packages. Are you always getting great deals on flights and hotels? Do you thrive on organization and planning? If so, you may excel in a career as a remote travel agent.

Check out: How to Save Money by Finding Cheap Flights using Google Flights

How much does it pay?

According to Zip Recruiter, a Virtual Travel Agent makes $23 – $50 per hour.

Where to find it?

Search using sites like Glassdoor, Indeed or Zip Recruiter and you will find many suitable options.

5. Freelance Writer

What do Freelance Writers do?

Becoming a freelance writer is one of the best work from home jobs because you can start making money immediately and will have the flexibility to set your hours or pick the kind of client you want to work with.

Perfect for: There are no credentials or education needed to become a successful writer. Anyone with a good command of their language can do it, but you should have impeccable spelling, grammar and communication skills.

How much does it pay?

Most freelancers are paid per project instead of per hour; however, once converted to an hourly rate it can range from $50 – $100 per hour. You can go from $0 – $5,000 per month very quickly and you don’t have to invest a lot of money to start.

Where to find it?

There are plenty of opportunities available on job boards, but you can also post free ads for your service on sites like Kijiji, LinkedIn, and Craigslist.

Here are some of the job boards that are worth checking out:

FreelanceWriting.com Contena

Online Writing JobsPaid to Blog

Freelance Writers Den

6. Become a Blogger/Vlogger

Become a blogger or a vlogger and work from home

Why do people blog or vlog?

You’ve probably wondered why do people blog or post so many videos online? The answer is clear – Because they want to work from home.

Blogging opens a world of opportunities and has been for many years the holy grail of the gig economy; vlogging is similar except that instead of written content, it is a video.

Now, to monetize your content you will need to have traffic (website visiting your site).  So you have to be patient, but eventually, you will be able to earn money by placing ads; also, you can sell sponsorships that will be shown on your content to promote products or services just like the ads you see on TV or different websites.

Perfect for: People that are knowledgeable in a given niche such as travel, food, real estate, and much more. Many people start blogs while they’re still working 9-5, and use their spare time to create online content with the eventual goal of turning making money from it.

How much does it pay?

There is no set amount, but most people make between $1,000 per month to hundreds of thousands per month.

For example, Ryan ToysReview is a YouTube channel where Ryan, a 7-year old kid reviews toys. That channel earned $22 million in 2018 and $11 million in 2017. That’s not bad for a 7-year old, is it?

7. Write and Sell an eBook on Amazon

Why should you write a book and sell it on Amazon?

You should write and sell a book on Amazon because readers will see you as an expert in your field. Most people think they cannot write a book because they don’t have a professional education in writing or a Ph.D. in literature.

Guess what? If you were to combine all the emails, and texts you ever wrote, that’d be a few books right there. Yes, you’ll need to organize the content in a way that makes sense, but don’t think you cannot write a book because you are not a writer.

A short eBook can be as little as 6,000 words and it can consist of a collection of articles/stories you have previously written.

The process boils down to simply writing the content while focusing on quality; then edit, edit, edit and find yourself someone who can provide you critique. After those adjustments, you are ready to publish.

Steps to write and publish an eBook for sale

  1. Write your eBook using Microsoft Word or Google Documents
  2. Convert the word document to pdf or into an eBook format
  3. Set up your Kindle Account on Amazon
  4. Upload your eBook
  5. Set your price, go live, and start selling

Perfect for: Bloggers, consultants or anyone who wants to establish him or herself as an authority in their field. It is a great way to validate your knowledge and get people to trust what you have to say.

How much does it pay?

You can make money by promoting your e-book to your audience or sell to buyers directly on Amazon. You will also be able to create multiple income streams as the book generates interest, such as selling other products or services that you may have to offer.

8. Design and Sell Printables on Etsy

Design and Sell Printables on Etsy

What are printables?

Printables are much easier to create than a full eBook; they are easy-to-use documents you can download from a website or buy from an e-commerce platform like Etsy.

Here are some ideas of printables you can sell:

  • Weekly Planners
  • Budgeting planners
  • Workbook templates
  • DIY Designs
  • Monthly Calendars
  • Meal Planners
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Wedding Planners
  • Daily Sheets
  • Coloring eBooks

Selling printables can be a lucrative passive income stream. The best way to decide what item to sell is by asking people if that’s something they would use and pay for.

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to build an additional income stream or work from home selling crafty templates online. You can either design the templates yourself or hire a graphic designer to build the templates for you.

How do printables make money?

You can sell the printables on your website or use the Etsy platform. When a visitor clicks on the link and makes a purchase, a link is automatically sent to the visitor to download the document.

If you have a website though, one of my favorite ways to monetize on printables is to offer them for free so you can grow your email list. Having an email list will allow you to market other more profitable products or services you have to offer such as online coaching or other products/services.

9. Teach English Online

How to get it?

You don’t need to be a teacher or have a university degree as a teacher to make money teaching English online from the comfort of your home. In fact, when you search ‘work from home jobs near me’, some of the first jobs that appear are teaching opportunities.

It’s easy to get started; all you need is a computer, a webcam, a high-speed internet connection, and a quiet space at your home. The easiest way to get started is to get the work from ESL tutoring companies that already have registered students from countries like China, Korea, and Brazil.

Perfect for: Native English speakers who enjoy teaching.

How much does it pay?

You will be earning about $20 per hour or more depending on your experience. Here is a list of ESL companies you can get ESL online teaching work from.

10. Become an online consultant

An online consultant is a professional that uses technology to connect with and advise clients.

Everyone is knowledgeable at something. You don’t need to have a degree to be an online consultant, but you do need to be an expert in your field.

From learning how to write a resume, to photography, cooking, insurance, Real Estate, or HR, there are people out there trying to learn how to do those things.

If you have a special skill or expertise, you can make money from it. It’s that simple.

Perfect for: Work-from-home consultants or anyone with a special skill who wants to provide their service online rather than in person.

How to get clients?

You can create a website and social media profiles so that people can check the description of the services you offer. The key will be to market your skills effectively or sign up with an agency that will find clients for you.

11. Online Nutrition Coach

How to Get It?

The best way to get started in this field is by writing an eBook where you can demonstrate your knowledge and start to grow the number of people that follow what you have to say.

The next step is to use social media to market your services. People nowadays are looking for customized nutrition plans so they can keep healthy and fit. You will need to be able to deliver a message that resonates with what people are looking for.

Perfect for: someone who already is a nutrition coach or anyone who wants to make it their career.

Get certified: Clients will be a lot more willing to work with you if you have some kind of official certification. You can take official courses online at ACE Fitness, or the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

12. Dropshipping

What is dropshipping?

With drop shipping, you can sell products on your website, but the order is fulfilled directly by the retailer or manufacturer. Here is how it works:

  1. The final consumer makes a purchase on your e-store
  2. The order is automatically forwarded to the retailer or manufacturer to fulfill the order.
  3. The final retailer or manufacturer ships the order to the customer.

This means you’d act as the middle person, much like a salesperson earning a commission for making a sale happen.

How to Start:

You’ll need to pick a niche and start performing some research on the competition already working in that area. Then, once you know what area you’d like to cover, and have your supplier set up, you can open your store. Many eCommerce platforms like Shopify offer quick and easy tutorials on how to get started.

Perfect for: People who are adept at technology, and already know how to run an eCommerce store.

13. Offer Translation services

With the rise of immigration, there is a need for more translation services, and if you register with an online translation service website, you’ll be in business very quickly without investing any money.

The process is simple, you sign up to their list of translators, take an online test, and if all goes well you’re in and can start earning money from home translating documents.

Perfect for: People who speak more than one language fluently.

Where to Find Jobs:

Translation service websites are the place to start. Even traditional brick and mortar locations are using the services offered by websites because of their large network of qualified translators.

Here is a list of translation service website you can choose from.





14. Build an APP

How many apps have you downloaded to your phone? Pick the name of any of those apps, Google it and find the name of the person who built it. Chances are, the person who built it, is now a millionaire.

How? Well, most apps make money by gathering information about you and then they sell that information to marketing companies or other companies that want to sell you something.

Now the pre-requisite is that to build an app you have to be a developer yourself, and there is the risk the app might not reach the number of downloads you expect.

Perfect for: Web developers or programmers with a great idea for an app.

How to Start:

There are lots of resources from sites like Codementor, App Institute, and CodeWithChris that will help you get started. Also, check out with your local government because they may have grants available for startups trying to build the next big thing.

15. Start a Baby Sitting Business

Being a babysitter is a great job for anyone who loves children. It allows you to work from your home while having the flexibility to set your hours. Typically, there are no qualifications required, but having a First Aid certification is a bonus for many parents.

How to Start:

Many babysitters get work by word-of-mouth, but if you’re just starting out, having a profile on a networking site like Care.com or Bambino allows parents to connect with you through social media, so they can learn a little bit more about their sitters before they get hired. Many of these sites also host a payment platform, so you never have to worry about negotiating rates or late payments.

Perfect for: anyone who loves children, people with flexible schedules or availability on evenings and weekends.

16. Start a Bookkeeping Business

There are more remote bookkeeping jobs available now than ever before, and the demand for that kind of service will continue to rise. After all, bookkeeping is an essential part of the clerical accounting process, and it doesn’t require a formal degree to get started.

If you have the right skills, you can make a great salary from the comfort of home as a virtual bookkeeper. According to ZipRecruiter, work-from-home bookkeepers make an average of $58,274 per year which is not bad for a work-from-home gig.

Perfect for: People who are organized, have good time management skills and have experience as a bookkeeper.

How to Start:

You can learn the basic skills online through courses like this one. Once you’ve done a bit of training, check sites like Accountingdepartment.com or BookMinders.com for available positions.

17. Take photos and sell them online

Do you like taking pictures? Instead of letting those photos collect virtual dust in your iPhoto library, license them online to make some extra cash.

You can start this as a side hustle and it won’t be able to replicate your full-time job, but as you can experience as a photographer, you can turn this into a real photography business.

To start, you should expect to earn anywhere between$75 and $5 per photo, depending on the site you sell photos to.

Perfect for: anyone with who likes taking photos.

How to Start:

Browse through sites like iStock, Getty Images, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock. Make sure that you’re aware of their policies, which includes non-compete clauses that would forbid you from publishing the same photo on multiple sites.

 The bottom line

I am a big believer in building multiple sources of income. So we recommend you should at all times be earning money from two income sources in addition to your job.

It’s time to start investing in yourself to be your own boss and realize your own dreams instead of helping someone else realize their dreams. So don’t quit your job just yet, but do start something on the side.

After exploring different options you will be able to find the business idea or work from home job that will allow you to achieve your goals and be able to work from anywhere, anytime.

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Which of these work from home jobs are you most interested in? Do you know of any other jobs we may have missed? If yes, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!

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