21+ Simple Ways to Make Extra Money

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21+ Simple Ways to Make Extra Money

Table of Contents

Money – We all want it, chase it, get it, spend it, and at the end of the month, we want more. Well, you’re in luck because it has never been easier to earn money without having to get a second job.

The bottom line is if you want to win with money, you have to build multiple sources of income besides your salary. From starting a work-from-home business to investing in real estate, and even selling products online, you should aim to create at least two additional sources of income.


Here are 21+ simple ways you can use to make extra income:

1. Ask for a salary increase

The fastest and easiest way to increase your income is to ask for a salary increase. Now, asking for more money is something people are not very comfortable doing. Your employer will not just hand out money because you asked.

What you will need to do it build a case for why you deserve a raise. How, what, when, and the way you ask will determine whether you are successful in the salary negotiation.

To learn actionable salary negotiation strategies, check out our Salary Negotiation online course.

2. Get paid to complete online surveys

A good way to make money fast is to get paid for filling out online surveys. Companies need feedback for a multitude of products and they recruit people worldwide to test their products and receive feedback.

For a few minutes filling forms, you can get up to $3 – $5 for each survey you complete.

Some of my favorite sites for making money completing surveys are:

  • Swagbucks($5 Signup Bous)
  • Inbox Dollar($5 Signup Bonus)
  • Vindale Research ($2 Signup Bonus)
  • Survey Junkie
  • OneOpinion
  • Survey Club
  • Earning Station
  • VIP Voice

Sites likeSwagbucksreward you for completing surveys as well as doing simple tasks like surfing the web, watching videos, or playing games.

3. Post Youtube Videos

You might have heard the story of Ryan Toys Review. Ryan is a 7-year old boy with a YouTube Channel where he reviews toys or other products; the channel made over $22 million in 2018.

You can monetize videos you post on YouTube by:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • YouTube ads
  • Crowdfunding
  • Brand deals
  • The number of video views

Out of those monetization methods the most profitable one is affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you post a link somewhere on your YouTube video or page, and you receive a commission if a user clicks on the link.

4. Start a blog

Turn your passion into money by writing useful content about something you know or are passionate about. From home décor, to travel, sports, or new trends, the choices and plentiful; pick a niche that interests you.

For example, if you enjoy taking photos and you are good at it, you can start a blog where you write about the different ways and techniques to get a good photo.

Focus on building a solid library of about 30 high quality, helpful blog posts; once you are generating traffic on your blog, you can monetize by introducing a variety of income streams such as:

  • Selling digital or physical products
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sell services like coaching
  • Display Google ads

Starting a blog can be a very lucrative side hustle. It will take some time to get there, but if you are consistent, and keep writing useful content people like, you make money with it.

5. Get a gig on Fiver or Upwork

Fiver and Upwork are the world’s largest marketplaces to make money from the comfort of your home. From bookkeeping to translation services to video editing, and anything in between Fiver and Upwork allow you to do what you do from anywhere in the world.

But there is more; if you’d rather not be the one doing all the work, these platforms allow you to set up an agency. For example, if you find a graphic designer, you can provide those services using your graphic designer to do the work while making a markup on the project, and it’s repeatable!

6. Rent out an Extra Room in Your House on Airbnb

Last year a friend from out of town was visiting so they asked me to find them to book them a place to stay for a week. One convenient choice was naturally Airbnb, but I was surprised to find out how much money one could make using the Airbnb platform.

If you have an extra room in your house you can make serious cash as a host, and it’s simple to get started.

21+ Simple Ways to Make Extra Money-2

Step 1: Determine your Airbnb space

Step 2: Make sure your neighborhood or building allows Airbnb

Step 3: Research the market to set your price

Step 4: Take photos of the unit

Step 5: Create an Airbnb account, create your listing and start earning money.

7. Rent out your car with Turo

You can make thousands each month renting your car out using the Turo app. Listing your car takes under 10 minutes, and you can either bring your insurance if you have commercial rental insurance, or Turo will cover up to $2 million liability insurance. All travelers are pre-screened by Turo.

8. Drive with Uber or Lyft

Make money on your schedule by driving with Uber. The vehicle does not need to be registered in your name to qualify.

Getting started is easy; some people use it as a full-time gig. Others simply use it when commuting or when they have a few spare hours.

The bottom line is you’ll be putting extra cash in your pocket while requiring little effort.

9. Deliver food with UberEats

If you have a car loan that you are struggling with the car payment or simply want extra mone, you can make money on the go while discovering the city with UberEats.

Once you register and have some free time, simply login to the app to begin accepting orders. Then pick, drop off, and voila, you have extra cash.

Besides UberEasts, there are other food delivery apps like Door Dash, GrubHub, or Postmates that give you the flexibility to make money when you are available to work.

Drive Uber for extra money

10. Write and publish an eBook on Amazon

Writing books and especially eBooks is easier than ever; you no longer need to get your manuscripts approved by a publisher. You can simply self-publish.

Once you’ve completed writing to self-publish you’ll have two basic options to sell your book: Either sell the book on your website or sell it through Amazon.

The key to a successful EBook is to offer useful content that people can learn from. For example, if you take a subject that people research a lot about, do the research and compile all the information in an easy to understand format, that’s something people would pay for.

The best part is that once you have created the EBook, it will last forever and provide repeatable passive income for years to come.

11. Sell old books you have already read

Once you have finished reading a book, chances are you will never read it again. Free up that cash by selling old books and textbooks.  You can sell your old books on Amazon Marketplace (keep in mind you will be paying a commission for every book that’s sold).

There are other buy-back stores you can choose from. BookScouter offers the ability to compare book prices across other similar vendors; using that information, you can pick the price you want to sell at.

With BookScouter, you will be paying no listing fees, no shipping fees, and be able to determine the best price for your books.

12. File Your Tax Returns

Every year people miss getting tax refund money because they fail to file their taxes. They simply don’t know there is hidden money there, but that won’t be you, right?
Unlock easy money by filing your taxes. Once you get your tax refund, you will be happy you did.

File Tax returns

13. Get cashback for every online purchase you make

You can earn cashback money for purchases you already make online. The top cashback sites are Swagbucks, Rakuten, EBates, Ibotta, and Mr.Rebates. These sites give you a higher cashback rate than what popular credit cards offer.

That’s on top of any discount/coupon you may already have.

 Make Extra Money

14. Sell crafts on Etsy

Earn easy money by selling art you have created on Etsy. You can create your shop on Etsy and earn some extra cash by selling your crafts on this platform.

Creating crafts at home can be a fun way to make money from home; the first step is to find out a coos craft product, from home décor to jewelry, t-shirts, or pillow covers, the possibilities are endless.

15. Turn your hobby into a business

If you have a particular talent or skill, you can turn it into a business. There are endless options to choose from, including the following:

  • Graphic design, photography, web design
  • Coaching, tutoring
  • Become a virtual assistant
  • Baking, cooking, craft beverages

I used to have a neighbor who made one of the best burgers. Everyone liked his burgers so much and told him that; one day he made the right decision and opened a restaurant deli and he has achieved much success. True story.

16. Get paid to lose weight

Wait, that sounds too good to be true; doesn’t it? Well, it is true. We have found that HealthyWageis the best app in this space.

The way it works is you enter how much weight you want to lose, how long you will take and how much you want to bet $20 – $150 a month. If you hit your target you win up to $10,000 depending on the pool of people betting at a time.

If you don’t hit your goal, the money goes to the people that do hit their targets.

17. Earn up to $1,000 per month pet sitting with Rover

Part-time sitters with Rover average earnings of $1,000 per month walking or sitting dogs. That amount won’t make you rich but it’s a nice sum that can help pay some bills.

Here is how it works: You’ll have to create an online sitter account where you will answer a few questions about your experience with pets, as well as your availability. You get to choose what service you want to provide, from walking dogs to pet sitting, or full-day pet daycare.

If you love animals and don’t mind spending your spare time with some furry friends, then this might be the best side job for you.

18. Earn money with TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is like a handy-person personal assistant service. The app will connect your skills with people who want to hire someone to complete specific tasks.

From setting up IKEA furniture to picking up clothes from the dry cleaner, mowing the lawn and anything in between. If you are handy and can complete a variety of small tasks, TaskRabbit is for you.

Task Rabbit

19. Online tutoring

Do you consider yourself a good tutor or a good teacher? If that’s a definite yes, you should check out apps like Tutor.com, Tutor Me, and Skooli to get tutoring gigs.

Tutoring is one of the best ways to make money on the side. You can teach any subject such as math, music, drawing, foreign languages, or anything people want to learn.

Apps like Tutor.com, Tutor Me, and Skooli allow you to provide Tutoring services.

20. Start a Shopify online store

Have you heard about Kylie Jenner? She is the youngest of the Kardashian sisters and the world’s youngest billionaire. She, as well as the other Kardashians, makes their money by selling lifestyle products online, and you can too.

You can start an e-store to sell either your products or products from other companies by adding a link on your site. Shopify makes this process easy and seamless which means you could complete the setups in just one day.

Step 1: Sign up for Shopify

Step 2: Click on the Get Started button to create your store

Step 3: Add products to your store

Step 4: Customize the look and feel of the store page

Step 5: Activate the payment functions to start accepting payments.

Step 6: Promote the products to start selling

You will not achieve instant success with an e-store but if you already have a following (people you can sell to), or if you can create a following, selling products online can be a very lucrative business.

21. Retail arbitrage/flipping

This has become a popular business option for making extra money; all you need is a computer. You buy products from retailers most likely from Asia and resell the same products on AliExpress or Amazon for a higher amount.

You then become the middle person connecting a low-price retailer or manufacturer with the final consumer willing to pay a higher price. Any money you make in the process is yours to keep.

And if you prefer buying local products you can still make money by buying products from places like auction houses or even flea markets and later flip those products by reselling them on eBay or Craigslist.

For example, I have a friend who made some money buying hockey cards and later resold them for a profit simply by adding a letter that detailed the story of the player.

22. Join Moms Meet

Moms have a lot of knowledge to share. The way Moms Meet works is you try out sample healthy, organic, and eco-friendly products and then share your opinions about the products.

The incentive is you earn points for your feedback and can redeem those points in gift cards, or in products you liked. Also, you can watch educational videos, and discuss topics with other moms using Moms Meet forums.

Now, to start reviewing products you will need to sign up for the Mom Ambassador Membership level, but it is free to join and you get a 100-point bonus for signing up.

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There it is
Which of these money-making ideas will you try out?

Before choosing any of these options, find out what motivates you. Is it that you want to pay off debt, buy a car, buy a house, or save money for retirement? You must know WHY you need extra income.

For most people, the reason is taking control of their financial destiny. Making extra money is possible, you just need suitable money-making ideas, some planning, and dedication on your part to start moving in the right direction. So don’t want for the perfect time, start today.

If you want to increase your income fast you should check out our Salary Negotiation Online Course.

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