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We help you become a savvy home buyer and achieve financial success!

My Home Answers is the home of buying or selling a home the right way and achieving financial success. We provide how to guides, tips, tools, online courses, well researched articles and step by step instructions that will make you a savvy home buyer while becoming financially independent.

Our Goal

Our goal at My Home Answers is to empower you to achieve financial success. We do this by providing tailored advice, thorough content and helpful tools that will help you take control of your finances.

Winning with money boils down to making good financial decisions.

We believe that one key piece of information can make the difference between a good and a bad financial decision. My Home Answers’ objective is to provide you the key piece of information that will help you to get better deals, earn more money and achieve financial freedom.

Whatever your life goals are, we want to help you to achieve them.

The reality people face

When faced with a big financial decision such as buying a house, getting a mortgage, or even accepting a new job, people tend to accept whatever is offered to them without much negotiation simply because they lack information.

We have set out to change all that by simplifying complex topics and turning them into easy to understand step-by-step instructions that everyone can understand.

The Way We Help

The secret to making good financial decisions is knowledge, and believe it or not fear. When we have fear of making a wrong decision, what follows is we question our ideas and search for more knowledge. The kind of knowledge you need to tell right from wrong.

Our guides, articles, tips, and tools provide that much-needed guidance to help you make better financial choices.

About the founder

Hi! My name is Holger Reinel. I am an accountant, a real estate investor, and the creator of MyHomeAnswers.com. I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada with my wife and two kids. My passion is helping people make better financial choices.

I decided to start this website after seeing many people make bad financial decisions simply because they lack information. That includes people who make big purchases such as a house or a car; people that got promotions or a new job, but later became disappointed for not negotiating a better salary. Or people that accumulate credit card debt.

If they had one key piece of information, they would have arrived at an entirely different decision.

What We Believe In


Keep doing the things that keep you happy. That may be having a latte every day, or going out on date night. The comfort we get from those smaller activities will keep us motivated, and working towards achieving big money goals that have the power to transform your life.


I get it. You want to take control of your money, but you don’t know where to begin, so you want to wait for the right time. The right time is now. As Harvard professor Harvey Cox put it “To not decide is to decide”. If you don’t control your money, it will control you.


Nothing can slow down a financial plan more than debt, specially credit card debt. Use our budgeting templates to plan how to get rid of debt for good.


Whether you are negotiating a raise, the mortgage rate with your bank, the monthly rent, shopping for a car, or simply haggling at the market, knowing how to negotiate helps you to get more for your money.

In life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

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